Losing Weight in 2021

Tips for losing weight in 2021

So, you have made a new year resolution to lose weight in 2021!  Losing weight has always been among the best ways of “keeping in shape” to look and feel healthy.  There are many theories and therapies available but overriding them all are some myths about diet that need to be dispelled.

Full-fat milk has more calcium than low-fat milk

Natural milk cream contains fat.  A cup of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk is the watery content without the fat and contains more calcium compared to full-fat milk of the same quantity.  People who are on a fat-free diet should avoid full-fat milk.  For a healthy diet, semi-skimmed milk is the best option as it offers minimum amount of fat along with the other necessary nutrients.

Losing weight with low-fat foods

There is a mistaken belief that low-fat and fat-free mean low-calorie or calorie-free.  Low-fat foods are foods that contain 3g or less fat per 100g.  Unfortunately these fat-free or low-fat foods as advertised contain extra sweeteners and thickeners to make them appetizing which in fact adds to the calorie intake. Sugar is converted to fat in the system, which defeats the purpose of having low-fat foods.

Myth about bananas and weight gain

People believe bananas are fattening.  This isn’t true.  The fact is bananas are rich in potassium and contain only 0.5g fat but they also contribute 95 calories. Bananas are also rich in live enzymes that aid digestion and when eaten as a snack between meals can actually help reduce weight by increasing the metabolism.  To gain muscle mass, vegetarians can get their share of proteins from a diet rich with cheese, pulses, nuts and grains.  Protein is needed to build muscle but if taken in excessive doses can also damage kidneys.

Is diet soda good for weight loss?

Soda in any form is not a health drink, diet or otherwise.  Both contain calories though Diet soda contains less.  The risk of Diabetes-2 and obesity is equal and present in both diet and regular soda.  Better options of health drinks would be skimmed milk, fresh fruit juice or even plain water with just a squirt of lemon squeezed in for taste.

Chicken eggs versus cholesterol

One chicken egg yolk contains 213 mg of cholesterol.  The dietary recommendation for intake of cholesterol for a healthy person is 300 mg and 200 mg for people with heart disease.  One egg per day can be eaten provided there is no other source of cholesterol consumed.  The other alternative is to do away with the yolk and eat only the white of the egg as it is cholesterol-free.  Eggs are a good source of complete protein, are low in calories and contain saturated fat which is easily absorbed by the system.

Coffee consumption – good or bad for losing weight

Coffee is said to contain antioxidants which are good for health.  It also contains caffeine which can be addictive if taken in large quantities. Coffee consumption in excess increases the heart rate, raises anxiety, and causes sleeplessness and headaches.  Drinking coffee in moderation – two cups a day – is advisable and also good for health.

We hope you find these tips for losing weight useful. Wish you a Healthy and Youthful New Year 2021.

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