Sleep and Lose Weight in 2021

Can’t Lose Weight? Get Some Sleep

There is nothing more important than getting a full eight-hour sleep. It not only relaxes the mind and body but also helps in metabolizing all the excess fat in your body. Scientists at the University of Chicago have researched this fact and proven it to be a reality.

Missing out on the appropriate amount of sleep can cut down your loss of fat. So if you are planning to go on a diet in 2021, with the aim to lose fat, make sure you get your fair share of sleep.

Is weight gain related to loss of sleep?

The scientists at Chicago University have proved that people who are on a strict diet with an aim of losing fat have lost less weight in comparison with people who were getting a good night’s sleep. They opine that cutting down on sleep time increases the manufacture of the ghrelin hormone, which in turn makes you lethargic and prone to pangs of hunger. It also makes you physically less active and slows down the process of burning fat.

How sleep loss slow down fat loss

A part of our brain called the hypothalamus is responsible for regulation of our appetite. Two hormones play a critical part in the regulation of the food we eat: leptin which is released by our fat cells, and ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. A part of the hypothalamus is activated due to lack of sleep, which affects the ghrelin level and makes it rise. Increase in ghrelin levels leads to increased appetite. On the other hand, with lack of sleep, leptin levels fall indicating to the brain that the person feels starved. Between the two hormones sending wrong signals to the brain, the person ends up feeling starved and hungry. And the person ends up eating and adding on more weight.

Role of sleep in losing weight

A sleepy person’s mind is confused enough psychologically to not be able to fight the hunger cravings caused due to a fall in his energy levels bringing in a feeling of fatigue and tiredness. The person understands it to confuse his lack of sleep to feeling hungry.

People suffering from a condition of lack of sleep often end up becoming obese. This condition is called sleep apnea. Both obesity and sleep apnea are interdependent and one gives rise to the other and forms a continuing cycle because sleep deprivation gives rise to tiredness misinterpreted as lack of energy which prevents the person from indulging in any activity or exercise. The person eats to get energy which then, combined with lack of exercise, leads to obesity.

So, if you are planning to lose weight in 2021, it is very necessary to get adequate sleep in order to escape the dangers of obesity. It is absolutely essential to start eating healthy, exercising regularly and practicing healthy sleeping habits to enjoy a healthy life.

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