Watermelon Diet – Lose 3 kg in 5 days

Lose weight in record time with Watermelon Diet

watermelon diet for weight loss

The watermelon diet is an option for people who want to lose 3 kilograms in just 5 days. It is a well-known fact that watermelon contains 90% water, and it has many dietary properties.

The watermelon diet will help you lose weight in record time, and at the same time you will have a detoxification treatment that your body needs. The watermelon cure is a very easy one to follow, and the effects of this diet on healthy weight loss are guaranteed.

The large amount of sugars in watermelon will give you the energy you need, and water will help purify your body; this is the essence of how watermelon can be  effective in losing weight.

The watermelon diet is characterized by two stages, the first stage being the one in which you will consume watermelon throughout the day, and the second is characterized by maintaining a balanced diet, so that you continue to lose weight.

Calories in Watermelon

How many calories does watermelon have and why is it recommended in a weight loss diet?

100 gm of watermelon has about 30 kcal . Fats are almost zero. Watermelon is rich in potassium, vitamin C , vitamin A , calcium and magnesium, but it is also a reasonable dose of carbohydrates 8 g / 100 grams. Thus, with a full serving of 300-400 grams of watermelon , you will accumulate only 90-120 calories at one meal a day, fewer compared to any other food!

How Nicoleta Luciu lost 35 kg with Watermelon Diet

watermelon diet nicoleta luciuAre you looking for opinions on watermelon diet? You must have read that the Romanian actress – Nicoleta Luciu lost 35 kg in just 2 months, after giving birth to triplets . From the 85 kg she gained immediately after the birth of the triplets, she lost up to 50 kg with the help of this diet. The watermelon diet she was on gave her a daily caloric intake of 1000 kcal.
In addition to watermelon, she consumed soups, yogurt and then followed a detox with fresh vegetable juices.

Step 1 – Lose weight with Watermelon

Stage 1 falls into the category of mono-diets, so you will need to eat this food throughout the day. This stage should not last more than five days , and during this period you will have to consume a maximum of 3 kilograms of watermelon every day.

In the 5 days of the diet, you will be able to eliminate a large amount of toxins from the body due to excess water in the body and you will be able to lose even 3-4 kilograms in the shortest time .

Step 2 – Maintaining weight after losing weight

The second stage is a continuation of the 5 days in which you will consume only watermelon. It has the role of stabilizing your body, and your weight will continue to decrease without any effort . This stage will be characterized by three main meals, but also a snack between your breakfast and lunch.

For example, at breakfast you can enjoy a bowl of whole milk, along with a thin slice of cheese, as well as a slice of wholemeal bread. At the snack time, you can eat a few slices of watermelon.

At lunch you will need to eat 200 grams of fish, beef or grilled chicken. Match these dishes with a salad. The salad can be seasoned with olive oil, which greatly helps digestion. At dinner you can have watermelon at your discretion .

If you follow this diet, you will see that at the end of its 15 days, you will be able to lose even 6-7 kilograms. The watermelon diet is a unique and healthy way to lose extra pounds. However, if you suffer from diabetes or kidney stones you should avoid this diet.

Also, if you notice that this diet is causing you health problems and you are not feeling well, it is necessary to stop taking it. The purpose of the diet is to lose extra pounds and not damage your health. So keep in mind this unique diet to easily lose unwanted pounds.

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