What to Wear in Early Pregnancy Days?

How to dress for your first trimester of pregnancy?

Are you pregnant and wondering how to dress your baby bump? Your clothes become increasingly tight, especially around the waist. Your regular jeans and shirts do not fit you. Your breasts begin to grow as your body is getting ready for the three trimesters. Of course it’s frustrating that you start looking for new clothes when you do not yet have a visible tummy. If this is your first pregnancy, you will feel confused with these experiences. Most times, it’s too early to wear maternity clothes for pregnant women, and surely you don’t want to spend money on new clothes every week.

Wearing the right clothes can be somewhat awkward, especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy when your tummy just appears as if you had a big lunch. Also, you may be one of those women who wish to keep your pregnancy under wraps because you want to wait until the second trimester to divulge the secret behind your growing tummy,

To solve your problem, we have selected some wear your first trimester that are perfect for hiding your growing baby bump, especially good for you if you are not yet ready to tell people about your pregnancy. Here are six types of dresses you can wear during your first trimester of pregnancy.

1. Shorts and Trousers

If it’s warm outside, it’s easier to choose your pregnancy clothes, because you have more options than when it’s cold. When you are inside your house or go for a casual walk, you can wear shorts that are loose or have an elastic band. When you are at home, you can also wear pajamas or some lighter clothes without buttons or zippers.

If it’s cold outside and you can not wear shorts or if you work in an office where you have to dress elegantly, you may need to buy a pair of formal trousers without zippers or buttons and use an elastic band instead. You can also wear your normal trousers which may feel a bit tight, but you can get away with them by passing an elastic band through the loops and fastening it around the buttons.

2. Loose Tops

Loose tops are perfect for wearing during the first trimester You can easily find loose tops that look fashionable enough to wear even after your delivery. It is better to go for tops made from a material that won’t shrink. Go for tops that are not too short. Sleeveless oversize shirts or tops are the best option for wearing during the early days of pregnancy.

3. Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are in fashion now and are perfect for wearing during the first trimester of pregnancy. These dresses are masters at hiding extra kilos and nobody can get an idea about your growing baby bump.

4. Long Cardigans or Kimonos

When you become pregnant, your butt will start growing too. So, to hide those extra kilos around your waist and butt, you can wear a long cardigan on top of your shirt. You can easily find cardigans that are lightweight and trendy in looks. Long kimonos too look flattering and fantastic and can help you to hide your secret.

5. Maxi’s

Maxi skirts and dresses and skirts are dream for every pregnant woman as pregnant women glow when they wear them. You can get fashionable and elegant looking maxi’s that can easily hide your bump. You can also design your own maxi skirts that are pretty and comfortable. You can wear these maxis throughout your entire pregnancy, and they are a welcome change from the jeans especially for your first trimester.

6. Blazers

Blazers are very close to cardigans and kimonos, and a blazer that is little longer than normal can perfectly cover your growing belly and waist during your early pregnancy days. You can wear blazers to look hot, especially when you want to go on a date or girls night out. But remember shorter blazers would not cover what you don’t want to show.

As the pregnancy advances, it will be harder to make yourself comfortable, so take advantage of this period and wear fashionable maternity clothes that can make yourself at ease.

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